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Sure Grip Sweet N' Low Wheels

Sure Grip Sweet N' Low Wheels
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If you want to make quick and sticky turns, this wheel is for you. It is also very popular in the Derby market.

In 2008 Sure-Grip developed a super soft indoor wheel called the Sugar. Today, this type of wheel is referred to as a “hybrid” wheel. The all new Sugar wheel line was developed alongside the Zombie wheel line to provide the 3 wheel sizes demanded by knowledgeable derby skaters. The new Sugar and Zombie wheels show what we have learned over the last 3 years about the needs of all levels of derby skaters. The Sugar wheel has always been the soft wheel of choice, the new Sugar wheel series will be even better. Sure-Grip's new urethane formula combined with a new pouring process set this wheel apart and raise the bar of industry standard.

Sugar – 62mm x 44mm – Standard sugar wheel, wide running surface for maximum grip.

Equalizer – 62mm x 38mm – Narrow and tall, for those who want more roll.

Sweet & Low – 58mm x 38mm – Narrow and low, maximum agility and quick acceleration.

Set of 8 wheels

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Sure Grip Sweet N' Low Wheels